Profit Ecommerce + Donations / Crowdfounding

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Hi all!

I'm newbie inyto Shopify, so sorry for my ignorance about the topic here detailed:

my need (as developer) is to realize a profit e-commerce site where a vendor sell some products (phisical goods)

and I'd want to let the purchaser add a donation (free amount of money) to some NO-PROFIT association / cause in the shopping cart phase.

I have a list of no profit associations and the purchaser could choose, for every article in the shopping list, to pay adding some donation to possible different associations...  

by example suppose this scenario in the shopping cart:

article 1-> price: 80 EUR   + donation: 10 EUR to association1  

article 2-> price: 10 EUR   + donation: 1 EUR to association2


My question is:

Can I realize that in shopify or any other (e-commerce system) ?

many thanks!