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New to shopify, store launching soon, I hope. I sell mostly wholesale, looking to expand into retail. For wholesale, I would like to have only wholesale accounts, which must log in, see wholesale prices at the product/variant level. I can't seem to find a solution. What I do find is wholesale prices in the shopping cart, which will be a problem of my accounts - they want to see prices when viewing the products.  Password protecting pages w/wholesale prices would work, but the recommended solution is the same pw for all accounts - unacceptable! I need to pw protect wholesale prices!


I think my ideal solution would allow me to set a retail and wholesale price  at the product/variant (hopefully not duplicate products/variants)  and display the wholesale prices only to accounts 'approved' as wholesale (by me, in the customer via setting in the customer profile?)


Does such an app exist? Is there a better easier way?


Thanks to all!   

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Yes, there is a better way to hide prices (different wholesaling tiers) but it does depend on how many wholesaling relationships you have. (Ideally if you are growing quickly, Shopify Plus is the best way to go, ~ around $2.0m revenue)


Until that point you can use a combination of:


Bold Custom Pricing


This does require a bit of technical knowledge to enable the integration. The end result allows each of your wholesaling clients to view products with their specific pricing based on your contracts. Clients do need to create an account and be approved by you. Clients would have a unique login and unique password (clients will not be able to see anything outside of their pricing tier).


We are currently building the same integration for a client seeking similar functionally which I should be able to share with you in the 1 -2 weeks.

You can reach out to me at if you have questions or concerns about wholesaling with Shopify.


Best regards,

Matthew Herchel

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Hi Everyone,


We've had more then a few inquires about the protected pricing and wholesaling capabilities on Shopify without becoming a Plus member.


The website I mentioned in the original Shopify post can be found here
(Marijuana was legalized by the Canadian government very recently, it is a rather booming industry here. We're a Canadian based web development and design agency.)
It is difficult to estimate how long wholesale functionality takes to implement on any specific store. 
We first need to look at the theme, applications and number of products already being used to ensure everything is compatible. 
GrowHaus currently has ~550 SKU's and took approximately 2-3 weeks. (Big shout out to the GrowHaus leadership team who was extremely easy to work with.)
Some of the major functionality we created for GrowHaus Supply is as follows:
  • Prices are hidden until clients are logged in
  • Each client sees their own unique pricing (usually based on contracts/purchasing quantities/relationships)
  • All clients must be approved by a GrowHaus admin as part of the account creation process (no competitive spying)
  • We offer training on how to use the system (on boarding clients, changing pricing with Bold, etc.)
  • A custom order process (to the external suppliers filling orders) was implemented to automate future orders
GrowHaus is strictly a B2B business, the design is minimal, as the primary touch points are connections and contracts made through traditional sales funnels. A more elegant design would be implemented for something consumer facing.
We have moved forward with GrowHaus and are now implementing further automation for Shipping and Inventory Management.
Hope this helps future businesses looking to use wholesaling on Shopify.
Matthew Herchel
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I know this is a couple of months old, but wanted to reach out!


We have just launched a new B2B/wholesale sales channel app called "Wholester" that operates entirely separately of your online store, so approvals, pricing discounts, and all other wholesale features are handled outside of your retail site. Orders and fulfillment are however still managed through Shopify, so inventory management and fulfillment remains the exact same, regardless of where the order was created.


You can check it out, and take it for a spin at, as it is free to install!


A few features:

  • Customer + product specific wholesale pricing
  • Multiple order checkouts for customers with more than 1 store
  • Payment Terms (eg. Net 30), with automatic processing of vaulted cards on due date
  • CSV order creation tool, for large amounts of ship-to destinations
  • Saved address and credit cards for fast re-orders


Feel free to get in touch at if you have any questions!

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I see you're using out of the sandbox theme, did you implement the pixel union Wholesale Club app to facilitate this? How was it? 

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I did not implement the wholesale solution. I didn't want to pay the
monthly fee or the cc fees associated with it. I use a wholesale version of
the products.

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