Quantity Discounts - NOT USING VARIANTS!

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Does anyone else use Shipwire for fulfilment and wish they could use a real quantity discount system for their products?

I've been using Shopify since 2008 and it has become quite apparent that no one at Shopify cares that they are doing an incredibly lame job in this department. If this was my company I'd be totally ashamed.

I know what they will tell you "Use variants", you can't eff-in use variants as a workaround for quantity discount when using a fulfilment service, you just can't it's a nightmare with logistics having to bundle all your products up into possible sellable quantities and then give each bundle its own individual SKU number.




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Hi Matthew,

I think you're right. Quantity discounts are something that needs to be improved in Shopify. The beta for Shopify 2 was just released. This new back-end was built to allow us to roll out features like quantity discounts better. I know discounts are something we are putting a lot of effort into right now.

In the meantime, maybe an app like Product Discount might help you out: http://apps.shopify.com/product-discount


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Hi Mike,

I understand that the app you pointed out will do the trick in a 'tack on' round about way but I find myself thinking I already pay a premium for Shopify, stuff like this shouldn't be another added on monthly fee especially when it's standard in many other e-commerce platforms.


How it should be:

In each product page in the Shopify 2 admin there should be a button like there is for 'Add Variants' but it should say something like 'Add Multi Purchase Discounts' then when clicked it opens a Lightbox area asking for the following:


Quantity: If [2] or more of this SKU are added to cart.

Discount the total of these {2} items by [20] < % or $ >

(Save) (Cancel)


This then adds a multi purchase discount line under this one product SKU, kind of like you get when you add a variant but obviously the SKU is the same.

You can then add another quantity discount: If they added 4 of this SKU to cart...


Quantity: If [4] or more of this SKU are added to cart.

Discount the total of these {4} items by [30] < % or $ >

(Save) (Cancel)


The logic of working like this means the third party fulfilment agency it simply states   2 x SKU: 3JMP 


The illogical way of using variants for quantity discounts results in this scenario:

You have one product you want to offer in 5 different discount ranges.

Step 1 Create 5 variants of this same product with 5 prices and 5 separate SKU numbers.

Step 2 Create 5 different SKUs in at the fulfilment agency matching the variants on your store.

Step 3 Open all your stock and start bundling it up into  2, 3, 4,and 5 packets sticking on the appropriate SKU onto each quantity you've bundled.

Step 4 Arrange for FedEx to ship all these separate boxes containing each quantity bundle SKU out to the first warehouse, UK in this example.

Step 5 Monitor stock levels on 5 SKUs at your fulfilment service. (really you should only need to look at one).

Step 6 Repeat Steps 3, 4 & 5 for each warehouse your fulfilment agency has (Toronto, Vancouver, Philadelphia and LA).

Repeat Whole Process for each product on your store that you wish to offer multi purchase discount on!

Something is seriously wrong with the product variants method for multi purchase discount.


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Matthew - Thank you for the detailed breakdown of the functionality you want to see and why the current scenario isn't working. This type of information helps us a lot!

I'll be adding your suggestions to our internal tracking software as the suggested way to approach this feature.

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It's here, finally we have a Shopify quantity discount system that plays nicely with Shipwire. Click here to get the app. 

The dev team are stars too, this app works perfectly with the currency converter for Shopify seen here.

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I keep coming back to this problem as well. As a new store owner, getting nicked and dimed for features that are standard on other platforms kind of stinks. 


Adding custom logic on checkout shouldn't require the use of webhooks or an external API. Why can't there be methods exposed in LIQUID to allow shop owners to insert their own custom pricing constraints? I'm sure plenty of store owners (like myself) are comfortable enough with working in templates to make those kind of rudimentary logic changes. Granted, I could burn a couple of weekends to write the webapp but honestly, I don't see why this type of logic can't exist in the template layer. 

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One other point to make too. The Quantity Breaks approach is easily hacked so you get the lowest price for the lowest quantity. As the demo shows, 1 hat costs $34.99 but if you buy 10 you pay only $29.74. Buying 1 for $29.74 is as simple as sending the Shopify provided permalink to the cart. 

eg: permalink

I think merchants should be aware of the current limitations of Shopify pricing with variants and quantity. No offense to any Apps trying out this approach, but it's probably a good idea to be upfront about this. 

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This should be a feature of Shopify and not an App that I have to pay for!

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Yes it's ridiculous that this is an app with a monthly fee instead of a built in feature. I assumed that for the monthly price the feature would at least be good, but in fact it's just a huge hack that only works if you do everything a very specific way with no flexibility whatsoever. You can't show pricing tables or access pricing information anywhere except on the product page. You have to be redirected to the cart to show correct totals. It's crap and I regret not realizing this before committing dollars converting to the shopify platform.

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Just about to switch my online store to shopify.

We sell promotional keyrings so as you can imagine the price per keyring for 250 is very different from 10,000.

There's no way I can see to set up my variant pricing on Shopify.

My customer should be able to buy any number of keyrings, the more they buy the different the price.

Even with the quantity breaks app, I would need to individually set up and price each of my 500 products through a separate app.. I'm used to doing this in clever spreadsheets.

Looks like I'll need to look elsewhere for this functionality..