Reselling other peoples products without Oberlo

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Hi everyone,


Firstly - apologies if this question is hugely naive and it deserves a "don't be silly that's too good to be true" answer!


I'm looking into starting a Dropshipping business and from not being able to find any good sites to ship to the UK rather than US it got me thinking... 


Can you find a store on Shopify and implement an API so you can resell their products on your site if they're not already set up under a wholesale/dropshipping scheme? Is this something you can set up yourself if you find a supplier and do it through Shopify? I assume if this was possible this would happen a lot more but I can't find anything on Google about this. I basically want to source my own suppliers and as long as they're on Shopify be able to implement something so I can sell their products on my store and it still passes fulfilment onto them like the standard Dropshipping process.


Any advice would be really appreciated, thank you!! 

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Hi, my app Simple Purchase Orders was designed exactly for this purpose.

Simple PO allows you to add suppliers for products and store cost prices for them.

You can then generate a purchase order from an order which is then sent to them with the customer's address included.

Any other questions please don't hesitate to ask