Risks in selling bracelets similar to pandora

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Hi there,

I have a quick question about selling bracelets/dropping shipping from Aliexpress that looks similar to Pandora bracelets, I know that using the word "PANDORA" any where is not allowed and is an infringement, but is there any risk in selling bracelets that are similar to pandora bracelets? eg this one


Thanks in advance


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Christine here from the Shopify Guru team - thanks for reaching out!

When selling any products without a license to sell those products there is always a risk. With that said, often times if the vendor you are working with has a license to re-sell the product this may be okay.

The best advice we here at Shopify can offer would be for you to reach out to the vendor to ensure that the products you choose to sell are indeed licensed to be re-sold. Also, you may be wise to reach out to council in your area to ensure that the products you choose to sell would not put your business in any potential risk.

We here at Shopify are more than happy to support your website e-commerce needs, however, when it comes to the legalities around what you choose to sell that is best left up to the experts through your own legal council.

Hope that helps! Let us know if you need anything else. We are just a click away :)

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