Seeking Marketing Agency to Cover Costs for Expanding our USA Audience for Forever Profit Cut

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We already sell to .5% of the population of Australia for our genre...with NO marketing. If you can do the same for us in the United States WITH Marketing you will make alot of profit. 


We'd be fine if you started out only doing'd start getting a portion of profits immediately even though SEO takes a while to kick in. This is because we do not focus on USA sales at all right now, so we're find with giving you a cut from the day you begin work with us. 


After 3 months, you'd simply begin covering PPC (Google ads etc) using our existing accounts etc as it's all set up and ready to go for you.


If interested, please message me privately so we can discuss.


We all get supposed 'marketing agencies' offering to make our brands go bananas, but they never put their money where their mouth is. We're seeking someone who genuinely knows how to grow brands and has available funds to put in, in order to get more than double in return. Our products sells. There is no doubt about that. The only thing missing on our USA site is traffic, purely because we don't do any advertising there. 


We became popular in Australia many years ago thanks to online shopping being fairly new, so we made the most of the free advertising channels basically thrown at us, as everyone wanted to make it big and wanted to represent the best brands. Now, we are kept busy enough and don't need to take advantage of them so much, which is great! We're fairly well known in our genre and our brand is currently sold out, so while we wait for manufacturing to get back on its feet in China (due to delays from the coronavirus), we're finally able to focus on getting the best agency on board for our USA site and get SEO working while we wait for products to be made. we've been wanting to do this for a long time but until now, have not been able to find the time to put the word out.


This is a 'goldmine' for an agency who wants to be an investor of sorts, and has experience in launching brands in new territories. The difference with us is that we already have an excellent online reputation and thousands of reviews, so you just need to bring the traffic, and your A-Game!


This is not just a side hustle. There is serious money to be made for an agency, especially if you are based in India, Pakistan etc, as the USD converted is desirable.



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Over the last 20 years, while building into an Internet Retailer 500 ranked company, I learned some hard lessons on all aspects of eCommerce operations. I was looking at your post and thought it would be valuable for us to connect and talk.