Seller Fulfillment and Dropship Products - is it possible to do both on Shopify

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I have an existing Shopify Store where we stock items and fulfill ourselves (in Australia). I would like to be able to add dropshipping to our site for more products. I have been reading the documentation on several dropshipping apps and the forum but need some advice please!

- Are there any stores out there running with both seller fulfilled orders and dropshipped? If so any advice on set up and what not to do?

- We use calculated rates at checkout (from Starshipit). Would we have to move away from this app and have weight or price based shipping?

I've had a good look at a few apps and it all seems so easy and straightforward if you are only dropshipping, but its hard to work out if it would work with our scenario. I'd really appreciate any recommendations and or advice!  

Thanks in advance!

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A number of my app's users do exactly what you describe. Simple Purchase Orders allows you to add suppliers, link products and then create purchase orders to send to your suppliers.

It handles orders where some items are drop shipped and some are fulfilled with ease and creates a PO per supplier and lets you fulfil your items.

There is a 7 day free trial so check it out today and please let me know if you have any questions.