Selling International - How we set it up (Drop-shippers--> Our Warehouse--> Customers)

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We came up with this concept of selling products made by American Brands (manufactured everywhere inc China) and selling it on a daily basis (B2C) by involving FEDEX/DHL to deliver till last mile...with obviously lot involved in the backend process and surely made it work..more details coming soon...

the few challenges we had

-setting up a company in International 'country'

-payment gateways to accept cards from those countries

-reliable and under 5 days shipping to customer

-keeping cost/order under $10

-great graphic design and shopify site functionality

-customer service in 2 countries to answer to these customers..

-zendesk api integration

-social media connectivity

so we are going to launch in two months..more notes here shortly..

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Really I think the easiest way to sell internationally is just to have your products fulfilled by amazon (FBA).  Since the late fall last year they offer a global export option that is easy to set up. 

This eliminates 90% of the headaches :  Payment systems, credit card fraud, duties and import fee calculation, shipping documentation, customer service etc.

Let Amazon worry about all that and you can focus on product sourcing and marketing.  The only caveat is that it Amazon has some restrictions on the types of products that can be sold cross border.   However, there is probably a good reason why and most likely as an individual business owner you would have a problem too.

If anyone would like to know more about this hit me up.