Selling Opiate & Alcohol Withdrawal Aid Supplements successfully online but need to grow !!!

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Hi All,

With a lot of research over the years we created a few special supplements catering to a very niche market.

a) Mitadone Opiate Withdrawal Aid Supplement ;   b) Mitadone Alcohol Withdrawal Aid Supplement.

Mitadone Opiate Supplement is for people Addicted to Opiates/Opioids & want to shake off the habit of relying on them

and want to get their life back after maybe an accident,etc where they get used to taking the pills to feel comfortable,this

supplement helps ease all withdrawal symptoms associated with it.


Mitadone Alcohol Supplement helps ease withdrawal symptoms associated with Alcohol addition,for people who want

to get off or reduce the intake of Alcohol,helps reduce the cravings.

We are looking to grow our business and wanted to know if there was a Directory of any sort 

of Stores & Distributors listed for such Supplements,any help or suggestions would be 




Team Mitadone.