Selling branded products from Aliexpress for Dropshipping

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Hello everyone, I would like to raise a question about selling branded products that are available in Aliexpress for Dropshipping business.


At this stage, I have planned to start dropshipping business and designed a store with Shopify. Now I am adding products Aliexpress products through Oberlo App. For the better product selection, I have found some branded products in Oberlo which are finally linked to Aliexpress. So I have selected some of the branded products because of their quality and better customer reviews. Some of the branded products are:

- Samsung wireless charger

- Casio watch

- Huawei smart watch

- Amazfit watch Etc.


But now on my second thought before opening the store, I googled about selling branded products and found that I am not authorized to sell a brand products unless I am an authorized dealer/distributor (though dropshipping is not mentioned there), but in Aliexpress they are available for sell and dropship.


So my question is:

Can I legally sell the above mentioned branded products which are listed in Aliexpress, by adding into my store and dropshipping them in USA/Europe from China?


Hello @SynchMart 


Yes, you may sell branded products on your dropshipping store but on the safe side, I wouldn’t recommend it.

When you decide on selling branded items, you will probably have to secure a license or a certificate from the company authorizing or certifying you as an official re-seller or distributor of their product.

I hope this was helpful. Good luck. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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