Selling via Dropshippers?

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I'm currently only "considering" purchasing a Shopify Online Store, and was curious:

Can we sell products provided by a dropshipper? And how easy (or difficult) is it to "upload" product images, content, and specs provided by the Dropship Product Provider?

I've worked with a previous "ecommerce platform" and the product upload took hours upon hours upon hours.

And, Lastly, lets say:  a customer has gone to my store, bought a product, and Now I must relay to my dropshipper to expedite shipment...........Is this automated (via being previously programmed to do so)?  Or How detailed would that process be?

Thank you For your Time in this matter.

This is probably the last detail holding me up from Launching our new Store thru Shopify!  LOVE WHAT I SEE SO FAR!

Brook Fain