Send order email based on vendor?

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Hi I wonder if it is possible to automatically send a "new order" email that is based on the vendor? So for example, a customer buy a shirt from vendor A and a pair off trousers from vendor B, then they both will get their separate orders?

Is this possible or is there an app that do this?


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You can use Shopify to do that, but the functionality is fairly basic with some drawbacks. (Full disclosure: I am the founder of an ecommerce order management company that has functionality specifically for automating these types of orders and for providing a richer set of order management tools, so obviously I'm going to think that anything else is "too basic".)

The built-in Shopify functionality is described here:

You essentially create a fulfillment partner (a vendor or warehouse), give it a name and an email address, and then associate a specific variant with that fulfillment partner. (FYI, the thing that trips up a lot of people is that you first need to mark each item has shipped before the email gets sent to the vendor.)

You can edit the email that is sent under Settings > Notifications > Fulfillment Request

The biggest drawback I see with this process is that - because the order in Shopify is marked as fulfilled - you lose track of the fact that you have it as an open order. So, it makes it hard to determine whether you need to follow up with that vendor. Also, your customer will see that it is fulfilled and will certainly ask you about it if your vendors don't ship immediately.

If you have a lot of suppliers and outstanding orders, you can see how some can get lost and slip through the cracks.

Another drawback is that the only option is to send a plain text email with limited data. Some vendors may need more than that or may need a data file instead. Or, you may want them to include a packing slip with your brand and/or store policies, which you'll need to send to them separately. Also, some vendors prefer that emails get batched so they are not receiving orders individually. Basically, you don't have a ton of options to customize the behavior.

That said, if the built-in Shopify functionality works for you, the price is certainly right! If you want to learn more about our product (Duoplane), let me know...

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Thanks Sina

I have send you app link to my customer.

Regards Claes

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This is something I have done. Required a custom script though..

Under notifications you can specify to have the order notifications send to a url.

A script located at the url loops through the order items and checks the supplier name. (I use tags to flag suppliers, but could check vendor) and sends the email to relevant supplier.

Usually each supplier has a specific format they require so a custom solution was the answer for me.