Setting up an affiliate store using Shopify

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I currently manage a high traffic website in a very targeted niche.  We are looking to create a store offering products of interest to our user base.  However, as this is our first foray into ecommerce and we do not want to manage inventory and fulfillment ourselves initially, we are looking to create what we are calling an 'affiliate store."  Specifically, we want to have a normal ecommerce store on our website, with hundreds of products listed.  BUT, when a customers clicks on an item to purchase, we want to send that customer to one of three 'partner stores' of which we are their affiliates.  If all goes well and sales meet our expectations, we then hope to start developing relationships with wholesalers and dropshippers ourselves and transition to a more traditional ecommerce store.

My two questions for this forum:

1) Does Shopify offer functionality to make such a store possible?

2) If so, can anyone point me to any examples of any Shopfiy powered stores that send any customers to an affiliate as opposed to fulfilling the purchase themselves?

Thanks in advance for your responses!


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This is default behavior for even a blog system like wordpress, all your doing is redirecting from your page to another through a referral link.

This answers your first question and negates your second.

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I don't see how what you said would have been helpful to Eric at all; it bordered on rude.

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Paul, I think what Eric is asking for, is whether shopify offers some way to actually track the purchases made on the partner website.