Shipping Costs from Dropshippers!!! :(

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Newbie getting very frustrated with lack of control of shipping costs, there is obviously something I am just not getting!!

My new site is planning to use various drop shippers from around the world some based in UK and some based in China.

But I can't find an app or workaround so that at checkout the correct shipping cost is applied to the right product dependent on where it is coming from!!?!?!?!

Any adivse help would be much appreciated.

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Hey Mark! Congratulations on your first forum post :)


Setting up appropraite shiping rates when you have mutliple dropshippers is a complex job. Although you may find some instances online of poeple doing to heavy duty math to doctor their weight based shipping rates, if you really need to highly customize your shipping rates on a per product basis, there is a better solution!


The Better Shipping app will help you highly customize your rates so that you can take account the warehouse that the product is coming from. The app works in conjunction with a feature called Carrier Calculated Shipping. Carrier Calculated Shipping is a calculator at checkout that grabs real time shipping rates from the USPS, UPS and FedEx websites. This is hepful because then you don't run the risk of over charging or under charging on your flat rates. 



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I think you should Google for some online tools, or you can ask for a quote from any of the product fulfillment services in your area. You can also Google other companies too.

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You can check out,we sell in wholesale and dropship,delivery takes within 2-5 working days worldwide via Fedex/Dhl.


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I've got a simpler question - we're pretty straight forward right now.  2 shipping options...


Under $99 it's 9.95

Over $100 it's FREE


I've re-reviwed numerous times and the details on the shopify editing screens for candllure show correct. however, if i go through the motions in the shopping cart shipping never shows.  is it still the case it's only going to show once credit card detail is entered?  


Thank you and soaking up like a sponge all these tips / tricks. 

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Based on your query, i can infer that you will have multiple warehouse locations as there are multiple drop shippers. Now, since you are looking to show shipping cost, that means you need to enable carrier calculated rates for your Shopify account. That is the first step. The next step is to find an app that shows calculated rates based on multiple warehouse locations. For this you can use the Multi Carrier Shipping label app. Finally, you also need to make sure that the app supports all your required carriers like UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS and carriers from the UK and China. This app supports Parcelforce so UK is taken care.

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