Shopify Product Restrictions: Can not Sell New Cell Phones and Tablets On Shopify

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I got a message from Shopify that you can not sell cell phones and tablets on Shopify. This is strange because I sell through a dropshipping company that uses Shopify to sell hundreds of brand new and different types of cell phones and tablets.  However, Shopify said you can not sell any type of cell phone or tablet. Wondering how to delete the hundreds of cell phones I have on my website because it is a restricted category.  There are literally hundreds of them and it may take a long time to delete all those cell phones.


Wow. This is new information. I wasn't aware of this policy. Thank you for sharing. Good luck with everything.

Cynthiagarden, where hopeisfree

Hi @User_001 


This weird. Wonder why. Maybe reach out to shopify again to get a more detailed answer of why. 


Hi @Cynthiagarden

Couldn't help but click on the link to your website. I'd remove the partner products of the website. You want people to stay on your website. 


If you want more detailed remove shoot me email at or link below 



Clayton Bates 

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