Shopify, Stitch Labs & Drop Shipping

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I run a multichannel store and am looking to migrate to Shopify + Stitchlabs.

Just about everything I want to do is available, but I can't find any definitive information on how drop shipping is handled by this combination.

We stock most of our products, but have a number of key products that are dropshipped by our suppliers.

I need to know how the inventory of these products is handled by Shopify + Stitchlabs - ie I need the stock levels to reflect those at my supplier so that orders can be made, but I don't want it to be reflected in our inventory levels, and need to calculate correct margins, COGS on these products without it affecting our SOH values.

Also any tips on how the dropshipping can be automated would be appreciated

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Richard, this is something very common that many eCommerce retailers struggle with as they scale their businesses. The key from my perspective is to find an application that directly integrates with your fulfillment/supplier network to automate the flow of inventory and order data throughout the life-cycle process. Without any direct technological integration with your suppliers, then you will have some level of manual process as you manage your inventory/order part of your business, which is both expensive and inefficient. I'd take a look at the inventory app store and explore some other applications that may fill your needs. eCommHub (where I work) directly integrates with vendors and automates the data flow). Check out the app store and see all of the great applications:

Best of luck!!!