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Hi all, 


I'm brand new. I installed Oberlo and used it to import products from Aliexpress to my Shopify store. Then I tested checkout using the Bogus Pay method, and it gave me 3 shipping options, including 1 and 2-day shipping. However, these products are coming in from China, and there's no way they're arriving in that time. 

Do I have to change the shipping options manually? I'm unsure as to how much Oberlo does (I thought at first that it would import all information, including shipping information, and pass on orders directly to the suppliers), and I don't want to mess something up.

Thanks in advance for your help! And if there's a specific crash course you recommend so that I won't ask stupid questions, I'm all ears!




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Hello, Nathan. 

Leon here from Shopify Support.

The Oberlo app will only add the products you wish to sell but does not pass along any delivery times from Aliexpress or Oberlo Supply.  The shipping rates will need to be entered manually based on the weight or price of the order (all products combined). We have a guide to setting up shipping rates here.

When creating your shipping rates you're provided with a field to name the delivery method where you can put a date estimate such as "10 - 15 days" which is displayed at checkout to your customer. 

If you have enabled real-time shipping rates the system will determine how long it takes to ship an item based on the origin shipping address as entered in your shipping settings, rather than the location of your supplier, so those shipping rates will be inaccurate, and these should be disabled if you are dropshipping from Oberlo.

To remove the real-time shipping rates, go to your Shopify Admin > Settings > Shipping, click "Edit" next to the shipping zone, under the "Carrier-calculated rates", click the "x" to delete the carrier, and click "Save". 

I hope this provides some clarity around how to set up shipping rates when using Oberlo. 

If you need more information, you can find Oberlo's help library HERE and Shopify's either HERE or by searching any topic in the top bar of your admin.


Leon | Shopify