Should you let your customers know you dropship?

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Hi there

I am very interested in looking into dropshipping for my website but i can only find places in the USA and UK, this concerns me as i am based in NZ i feel that the shipping may take a while. Also when you do dropshipping do you inform your customers of this or they don't need to know?

If anyone knows of any labels or wholesalers that drop ship for womans fashion please let me know of paste links below.


Lily :)

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Hi, speaking as a customer, I absolutely would want to know. Especially if the shipping times are going to be extended. Like all my customers, I place an order and want my stuff to get here yesterday. If I had to wait a long time to get my goods I would at worst, get annoyed and cancel the order and look for someone else to get it to me faster and at best, wait and then just never order again. 

As as a vendor, I can't stand dropshipping.  I hate not having positive control of the items I sell.  You're at the mercy of your dropshipper to fulfill your orders quickly, not to mention their attention to detail regarding inventory and how long they take to get back to you regarding issues with fulfillment. The margins are way too thin too and a couple returns can negate a large number of future orders. What I do now is I just focus on a certain line and spend what I can to bring that in. Then I take what I make from selling it and roll it back into the business to start expanding the selection with new lines. It's slow, but it's so much better than dropshipping in my experience.