Slow shipping Woes and Amazon

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I have just stared my dropshipping buisness and one of the major things I am worried about is how long shipping takes. I am using Aliexpress and have posted items from mulitple different shops (all with good reviews). Was using different shops a mistake? Now I am trying to get my items to amazon but the shipping settings dont allow for shipping times that match the shipping times of epacket shipping.. 

What should I do?

Is the processing time part of the 12-20 day delivery time for epacket shipping or is it added on to that delivery time? 

I am just not sure people will buy items if it takes a full month just to recieve them. Any shipping and adding to amazon/ebay tips are welcomed. 

Here's my website:

I'd also greatly appreciate any feedback on it.

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You have to be upfront about the shipping times. Either in your confirmation email or in the product description. You can find a way to word it like "please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery". 

For those that need a faster delivery time, they will not buy. I do not have the delivery estimation on my product description but I do in my confirmation email. I have no had an issue with it yet. I am doing it this way because I am using dropshipping as a product test only. I would eventually wholesale the items that are being sold often/a lot and ship myself. 

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