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as we all konw that smart wheel is a environment-friendly products and it's becoming the best-selling around the world.we're manufacturer of producing this kind of scooters and we provide favorable price.

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smart balance wheel supplier from ShenZhen,China.
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Hi @Kay_Lin! Gabby here from the Community Engagement team at Spocket.


I'm actually quite delighted to know you're a supplier of e-scooters as I came across a post here looking for e-scooter suppliers. A lot of our merchants on Spocket as well are looking for new items to sell. That being said, would you be interested to onboard as a supplier on Spocket? Your products are definitely unique and we only have a few selections of items like yours on our catalog. As I mentioned, our merchants are always looking for new products they can sell, and given the specs of your products, I'm sure they'd be really interested to check your items out. We have around 28,000+ merchants registered on the platform who could be keen on sourcing out from you.


In any case, if you're interested, you can send an email to to apply and get more info on the onboarding process. As well, you can learn more about the platform by visiting Spocket's official website and/or joining Spocket's official Facebook group.


Hello @Kay_Lin 


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