Sole wholesaler looking for partnership!!!

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Hi hi‼️ I’m starting my online store as a sole wholesaler/retailer for an organic innovative beauty brand Dasomi, whose founding family has been a main producer for several well known Asian beauty brands; names won’t be mentioned ?


to approach the American market after being on shelves across the Asian continent including non Asian counties for the past eight years, Dasomi launched a new concept CLICKLIP lipstick that clicks and a nanotech mesh cream that’s never seen before on the market. 


CLICKLIP is handmade with the refined extracts of the anthemis noblis flower (triangle) and theobroma cacao seed (round). Also because it all organics, it is safe to ingest, not saying you should eat the whole stick but if it’s gets ingested by accident, don’t worry, it actually tastes pretty good. 


Nanotech mesh healing cream multifunctions. Makeup foundation, primer, concealer, sunscreen (spf 50+++) during the day and can be worn to sleep at night as a sleeping mask! WHY? Because it is made from 38 organic ingredients including but not limited to myosotis and red ginseng; both known for their medical results. 


But!!! I always wanted to have a thrift shop where I can provide others with what I find interesting and unique. 


So if anyone is interested in being the first group to create a new trend and style in America, I know it won’t be easy but we got each orher’s backs, please let me know so we can post each other’s items on our webs and help each other grow!!!