Some of the BEST questions to ask a drop shipper

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As I am a beginning at selling online when I spoke to a few people they suggested that I email any potential drop shipper that I might use and ask them various questions. I  would like to find out what are some of the very best and most helpful (to me) questions to ask a drop shipper.


Thank you all   


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Hi Farri 

I appreciate your post a lot because I just spent the three hours I set aside each day on my shop writing to wholesale sellers. I need help with this issue, too. I figure I'm just starting and think my introductions to sell for wholesalers was good but it looks complicated and I'm already worried to trust another company to do drop shipping.

It's great that Shopify would keep inventory of what amounts come in and out of products. But it doesn't seem sure that wholesalers would be as reliable as  the integrated stores known to Shopify platform. I'd worry that these companies will make money and not fulfill orders to my customers. In my next steps, it could be smarter to do a business search or company review before agreeing to sell for other wholesalers.  

I was on earlier and wrote to 12 different sellers about one pendant and earring set that I want to add to a collection in my store.  I chose to shop around for the right seller who could make money with me initially while I build sales with them. I made a list of questions but changed my query. I have worked many years building a working alliance with people in my industry and figure it's applicable in E-commerce business. I really don't want to rush about assuming how many jewellery sets will be bought on the first day, first week or month. It's not predictable. And I would be worse off not being able to fulfill my customers about a brand new product. 

<u>It was an introduction to the sellers and these were the basics I covered: </u>

-intro about my interest in the product to build my brand

-would they consider transferring products online with my shop and sell freely with me for a limited time so that I can gain more customers? I sent a direct web link to my collection page that has sales on it, too to boost interest that my shop does get a good amount of traffic.

-very importantly, would they accommodate world orders and complete the shipping to my customers? I highlighted that my audience is worldwide and all the current products ship from America. 

-understand where are they going to ship from--And would they accept that my customers are made aware of that because they will incur the shipping costs.

When they reply,

I'll ask,

-if they would accept transferring to my store for a limited time twice a year?  I'd make it interesting to always sell above their original price and set my own prices.  That way we are always making money. 

-how quickly can they alert me if orders are too high or they are low on product type, variant or whatever else?

That's only the introduction. And all I can think of to approach wholesale and drop shipping relationships for my business. 

What are your tips?


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HI all, 


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