Suppliers that dont offer tracking on shipping?

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Ive posted this under another topic .. then realised this is probably a better place to have thins question. Hoping admin dont get too upset with me double posting. 

Hi all 

Im a complete novice and ive gone and loaded a few pages of products to my store and since doing that Ive begun to notice theres a lot of suppliers that dont offer ePackets or tracking .... Im just wondering if anyone else has run the gauntlet on this (so to speak) Im worried about dishonest people and refunds where theres no way of knowing what end the potential problem is coming from, ie: Supplier or Receiver? 

Would it be wise to remove these products from my store... any advice greatly appreciated 

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Hi, if you have issues with your dropshipping suppliers, you can try with us, a professional dropshipping supplier: , we can find all your products for you and send you with tracked services. We have English speaking customers online to answer any of your questions.