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THIS ONE is way over my head and I can't find anything related in the forums.

CUSTOM CODING: I used code to split my site, adding a wholesale/member only section.

ALMOST everything works but it tends to get confusing for me. I’ve been told that it “should be simple” though some have tried and failed and the site was down for 4 days :(

MY ISSUE is that I have some tricky NAME RECORD and other settings to deal with. Here's where the confusion comes into play; I have 2 Domains and one website. The first domain is my Gov-registered Company Name Domain (for example; and it points to my Shopify Homepage, (I don't want it to) this home page is actually the homepage and website for my brand which we will call (for example;

If that all makes sense great, so you know... the reason it is set up this way is because; while in the Shopify Trial Period I registered my Companies Domain; which had been expired and now re-registered now with Shopify, and while into my Shopify 14-day trial period of which was not yet registered at this point.

So what I am trying to do is get my to point to

So will be the home base for my company.

This is also where my wholesale/members will be delivered to when they sign in. I guess should be the landing page for my company and maybe the landing page for my members should be

At a later date; I wish to expand my into another website of course but for now I have 100% of my energy focused on and promoting my brand. 

So what I need is help to figure this all out. I don't think it should be that hard but it's too much for me and I can’t find any help online. I guess it's not a common way of doing things but I'm not common to most folk. (lol)

Thanks for getting through that explanation.

I hope somebody can help, I'm really stuck here.


Kc Duncan