The Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping

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We have the BEST inventory, with brands and products people actually want to buy. We are the only dropshipper in the world to carry brands like Gucci, Prada, Armani, and Bottega Veneta!  Check out or site, - it's free to register and browse!

The biggest problem with dropshipping is that your margins are small so you have to sell a lot of volume to make money, but our products are high-end and we sell at BELOW WHOLESALE so there's a big margin! We buy directly from the brands - everything from overstock to cancelled orders or past season goods.


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Hi Guys,

We offer dropshipping for store owners looking to sell High-End Men's designer clothing. Our styles are trendy with high $$$ value & profit margin.

At we sell product packages under the form of csv files that you can import directly into shopify.

With a few clicks all products of your pack appear in your store. You are pretty much ready to go in 2 minutes.

You don't have to create the products yourself nor take care of the pictures and descriptions. All is included.

We also synchronize your store with the available stock so you never sell something out of stock.

If you need more info, don't hesitate to reach us on our website.

Good Luck with your project!


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I run a drop ship website. f you have any products that you want to sell on my website, click the link below and I will email your products to my customer base.  Message me if you have any questions. We only make money if we sell your products!  We add a markup to the cost that you give us.  Pretty simple.  Thanks :)

  1. Register (takes 5 seconds literally)
  2. Email me the items you want to sell (product + shipping) to
  3. We will promote your items in an email blast that goes out to 58,000 subscribers.
  4. You fulfill the orders
  5. We pay you via PayPal or ACH

Register here:

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very informative blog,thanks for the information.

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Hi guys, 

I started a shopify store last year for a product that Iinvented, but my core business is dropshipping for other sites, so I wanted to introduce my comapny on here. We are and we have been dropshipping consumer goods for over 5 years. We currently droship over 20k packages a week and have fresh products for storeowners to choose from on a weekly basis. We cover most categories from homegoods, apparel, jewelry, phoneaccesories, and many more. We currently have over 2000 SKU in stock at our Florida location. We ship all orders within 24 hours and send you back tracking for every order. It's that easy. Contact me today and startselling tomorrow. Tell them Oscar sent you. 

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Another different dropshipping way from China:

you can storage products in a Chinese warehouse that professional in warehouse fullfillment and ship to all over the world, such as

Advantage in dropshipping with a Chinese warehosue:

  1. You can dropship amost any product from China. Compare to a limited and normal products from the dropshipping website.
  2. You can purchase the product in a much better price as you can even purchase directly from the factory or local wholesaler. Compare to the high price in dropshipping website with little profit.
  3. More shipping method for choice as the fullfillment warehouse is professional on international shipping.
  4. No trouble in importing. Compare to those import bulk and use their home as warehouse.

This way is suitable for people who has a bigger dropship business already.

Because you need to purchase some products to storage first.

But as you purchase bulk in advance, you will also can get a wholesale price in purchasing

Here’s the shipping rate table for each shipping way to different country:


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We are a made in USA manufacturer of high quality water proof breathable outerwear and other midlayers for men and women.   We dropship to your customers within 24-72 hours from our own USA distribution center.    We will allow you to customize out blank garments with your own brand and logo in white label or private label type fashion. We will ship a single individual unit to your end user customer.

For more information email
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Thanks for sharing this valuable and informative guideline about drop-shipping. Loved the blog post. This really gave me insight into how the drop-shipping business works and helped answer a few questions I had about drop-shipping.



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Hello dear Alvin,

My name is Remigijus  , I live in Spain and I want to ask if you sell clothes to Spanish internet stores -stores ?

In this moment I'm interested to work in drop shipping , your company works in drop shipping to internet stores ? 

I'll be waiting for your answer.