Tips & Advice for Checking your Suppliers Price if Original!

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Hi All 

Tips for checking if real wholesaler or just retailers

I have been running wholesale clothes business for more than 10 years.I am here to share you some tips about Chinese Clothes Market.And you will know those wholesale suppliers are real wholesale or retailers ,pretend to be wholesaler.

A biref desc about Chinese Clothes Market:
Chinese Women's Clothes Market : City :Guangzhou, China
Chinese Men's Clothes Market: City :Hangzhou, China
Chinese Accessories' : City :Yiwu, China
Chinese Wedding Dress' Market : City :Shuzhou, China
Chinese Lether Made Clothes Market : City :Haining, China
Chinese Shoes Market : City :Haining, China

Those cities' have own focused wholesale goods,all wholesale suppliers gethered together in buildings, Basically, if you buy Chinese Lethers from guangzhou,which is not suggested,because guangzhou don't produce lether,But haining does.

Tips for checking wholesale price if original :
As you may know now,thoses wholesale suppliers made clothes from factories in 10+thousands of single pieces ,so price is will be low! Buy if you buy pice from factory,that is Not Possible. So,for dropshippiers, you would not afford it.But Real Wholesale Stores do. They make 10+pieces from factories ,and also they are not able to make so many differently styles,because cost is so high! So,basically,real Wholesale stores only have a few differently styles,but in large quantities.

So,if you read above all.You will know now that Those wholesale online stores which claimed "over 100,000 styles",are NOT really wholesale! Because it is not possible to have anch single style in 10,000 pieces made from Facotories, and over 100,000 styles. I think even 1,000 styles not also not possible too.

So,as you may know now . wholesale online stores actually upload all kinds goods from chinese real wholesale stores,and tell you they are wholesale. Price will be raised up to 1.7 to 2.5 times original wholesale price. And this is the price you get as "wholesale price" ! But,so sadlly actually they are retail too!

This is almost all those Chinese wholesale online sites do. 

So,I would really call you for attention on this.You are actually been cheated.

How to see Original Wholesale Price ?
For example , for men's Wholesale Clothes, usually ,the Original Wholesale Price from Real Wholesale Store is in listed in the goods title After Word "P",
For example ,for good title "夏季男生圆领纯棉短袖T恤夏天男士欧美帅气半袖T恤衫潮T1026-P25" , Original Wholesale Price is : 25 RMB,About 4 usd.
And for guangzhou Clothes,Original Wholesale Price is usually half price of Taobao Price,or Taobao Price - 20 rmb

Lastly,If you guys have any questions please leave a reply here,I will be glad to answer your questions from time to time.
And here is the site for Original Wholesale Price, because it shows the item saurce link from suppliers' . You can compare the goods price if is same with what I told you. Goods Luck,and save more now!