To Kickstarter or not Kickstarter

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Hi Everyone,

I've just got my Shopify site up. Mamimu: Lifestyle Products for Urban Nomads
My plan was (maybe still is) to start a Kickstarter campaign but I am two minds about this now.

Could anyone speak from their experience whether I should better off spending time and money on;

1. Intensive Kickstarer campaign with "Video + PR" or
2. Start selling focussing on "PR + hunt for Sales Channels"
3. or something else???

I am originally a graphic designer so pretty clueless (!) on the whole business side of things. So really appreciate your advice. Thank you in advance.

p.s. I know Kickstarer's original intention is crowdfunding but many people are selling their products as rewards, so I'm going down that route. I have my manufacturer and partial funding in place.

p.p.s. I also welcome any feedback (esp. to do with CTA and conversion) on my site. Thank you.

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Hey June Mineyama-Smithson,

It's pretty old post but I think it can be useful for some people looking for crowdfunding option inside their own Shopify stores.

Have you tried our Crowdfunding Manager? You'll be able to turn your whole store or some particular product pages into a crowdfunding platform easily.

Crowdfunding Manager for Shopify

So instead of using Kickstarter you can rely on this.


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