Top Evergreen Dropshipping Niches That Make Money?

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Hey, which dropshipping niches make guaranteed money?


Hi @Yannik 

Some of the evergreen niches

1. Fashion & Clothing
2. Jewelry & Accessories
3. Cars & Motorcycles
4. Beauty & Health
5. Mother & Kids
6. Shoes & Bags
7. Sports & Outdoors
8. Phone Accessories
9. Tech Gadgets
10. Home Improvement We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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I fashion and clothing work only if you are creative enough, and you can design something trendy. The same thing I can say about beauty and health products. They need to be updated all the time, and the competition is tough. If you check any social media, you will see that there are plenty of different products available for different budgets. Still, not all of them can get into top categories. I know that the IT and gaming industries are growing right now. Besides, some people even play free online games to earn money. Somehow it is remotely related to this industry. Maybe you can even get some experience if you are planning to develop in this field.

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Thanks for the information, how much money did you make from this?

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2021 is the year that has changed the way things are being done. The amount of people working from home has increased significantly. Also, the amount of people concerned about health has increased. The "free" time that most of us have has increased, too. Right now more than ever they have extra cash, the ones who kept their jobs, that are working from home. They aren't dealing with the usual day-to-day expenses. The costs associated with commuting, with going into an office. They are not traveling, so they're not spending money on that. Blogging is a universal niche you should definitely take a look at. At you can find all the information you need on how to start a blog and be successful at blogging.

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If you find a new supplier, you may need a 3rd party quality inspection company to take care of the quality issues of the products. You can check up with HKQCC, it has 25+ years in field experience and it is helping many Amazon sellers. It website address is


Hi @Yannik 

Best niches which help to increase sells are gadgets, clothing , mobile accessories, medical products. I would like suggest our Appfreaker which helps to import niche products directly to your store. We also have top niche suppliers which helps our app to import niche products. And also having fast shipping facility with epacket shipping . You also Setup for profit/revenue margin rates for drop-shipped items.


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Hey @Yannik 


We think these product categories are niches:

1. Fashion
2. Accessories
3. Jewellery
4. Baby
5. Beauty
6. Sports & Outdoors
7. Home & Furniture
8. Phones & Accessories

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