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Hi everyone, I'm currently in the process of starting my second dropshipping venture. With the first one I only used UK wholesalers although this time I am keen to try and work with wholesalers from the UK, US and possibly Asia. What are pro's/con's of working with foreign wholesalers? Does it allow me to offer faster delivery times and gain a foothold in the American market? Is there any legal processes that I would have to comply with if working with foreign wholesalers? Thanks in advance.
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Compared to the local UK suppliers , foreigner suppliers usually take longer time due to the shipping cost concern. For example, if you work with Aliexpress supplier to ship in the USA, it usually takes 2 to 3 weeks via ePacket, if you choose small package direct line or courier service, the cost might be higher, if your goods price is low it may not have enough profit margin for the business.


Basically you need to confirm the wholesaler credits and qualification to help you judge whether they are reliable or not, there's no any legal processes for your cooperation, maybe you could make a contract but it is hardly working in the foreign trade for small business.

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Hi @Cbrodie, this is Larry from Spocket here!

Have you heard of Spocket as a platform to find products? Spocket was designed to help retailers like yourself connect with suppliers that are primarily based in the US and the UK. This means that there is a huge catalogue of products in all different types of categories that you can try out with your new store. 

Some other benefits of Spocket as a platform: 

  • Our supplier team vets all suppliers before they are onboarded, meaning one less step for you in the process
  • Fast shipping (3 - 5 days on average)
  • New suppliers are joining the platform weekly, meaning you always have new products to choose from

If you’re interested in Spocket, I highly recommend signing up for a free trial to take a look at all the features and if they’re the best fit for your new dropshipping store. Hope this helps!


Hello @Cbrodie 

Please check the below shopify apps for USA Fast Dropshipping.








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