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Hey guys,

Im currently running a shop specialising in layered muslin blankets. We dropship exclusive from China at the moment, across a number of different suppliers.

What I really want to do is find a UK or EU based manufacturer who will do dropshipping and/or wholesale. I'd love to expand my little business more into its own stand-alone brand, through private label and our own designs/commissions etc. But really have no idea where to start!

I'd really appreciate being pointed in the right direction on this, or whether it is something someone would potentially invest in to help us get started and get the right marketing in place.

Any help or suggestions would be amazing!
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Hi, @Gingerbiscuits,


Nick here from Shopify.


Finding a supplier can often be on the toughest things when starting a store or a new product, especially for one as unique as a Muslin blanket. I wasn't very familiar with a Muslin blanket before, but they look very comfortable. 🙂


I looked into this for you and did find some wholesale suppliers for Muslin blankets. One of them is based in the UK but the other two are based out of China, which I know might not completely suit your needs since you mentioned UK/EU, but I said I would share them regardless. 


The first one I came across is called DHGate and you can see their list of Muslin blankets available for wholesale here. The other two are from Alibaba and AliExpress which you can see here and here


Hopefully one of the above suppliers does suit your needs and you can work with them going forward. 


All the best, Nick


P.S. I will also move your topic to the Wholesale and Dropshipping section of the community also. It will have a better chance of potentially getting more and better answers than the manufacturing topic. 

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I think the best way to find reliable partners is to visit the main cities of the UE.


Hello @Gingerbiscuits 

These two companies may suits you.


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I agree with you that it's better to develop stronger partnerships in person. But it is risky to go without all necessary information and support.

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You are very brave if you are able to confess, that you have no idea how to increase you business. l was in the same situation just some years ago and today i have a chain of stores in my hometown. i've met a lot of problems and obstacles in my way, but my huge mistake has been my idea of doing everything only by myself. So if you want to see the progress as soon as possible, you should explore the biggest rivals of your field. For the first, you can check the site, where knitted weighted blankets are sold. You will be able to see the example of a correct marketing strategy and to read real reviews in order to understand what customers want.

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Hi Gingerbiscuits

It has been a while but who knows. We do have a Muslin fabric you might like please see pictures and site here

You could order it as a fabric with hemming option (or include into your website using Shopify) though I suggest to first order the swatch packs 

We also have single layer blankets or premium blankets

* * * 

Gwenn from Contrado