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I've setup a shop linked to oberlo.

Some of the things I sell are aimed at babies and toddlers.


Most of the suppliers are sending from china.  How do we as uk drop shippers protect ourself and customers from shody goods and ensure they have a CE mark on them.   I have 60 products, soon to expand on this number and many different suppliers from china.


Also there are companies like bigbuy which dropship from eu warehouses.  Does that mean then that all their products will have the ce mark if they are coming from europe and not china?


This seems bit of a mine field and potentially putting me off the whole idea.  


Advice needed please

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Hi @goodhead! Gabby here from the Community Engagement team at Spocket.


Your sentiments regarding credibility is definitely understandable - if I were a merchant sourcing out a number of items from a supplier, I'd want to make sure that the products are of quality and the suppliers themselves are reliable. Given this, there are various action plans you could consider looking into doing to know if the supplier can be trusted:


  • Do test orders so you can personally assess if the shipping time suits your preferences, as well as check if the quality of the product is as advertised on the supplier's website.
  • Take time to checking reviews on the supplier you're sourcing out from.
  • Make sure that you can either contact the supplier or the platform you're using has the means to contact the supplier on your behalf for questions you might have.

Given all these, is Oberlo your only choice for the items you're looking for? Have you had the chance to check Spocket out? Regarding safety, credibility, and reliability, Spocket is one of the few dropshipping apps in existence that you can trust. Why is this?


  • For one, most of the suppliers on our platform come from the EU and US. Before they are onboarded to the platform, they undergo a rigorous process before they can list their items on our catalog.
  • Spocket has a feature where if you click on the name of a supplier on our platform, you'll be able to view their reviews and all their items. This gives you a chance to decide if the supplier is the right fit for you.





  • The platform also boasts one of the best customer support team who are more than happy to help you out with your concerns - in your case, contact the supplier on your behalf.

And regarding the items you're looking for, we also have quite a number of suppliers on the platform who offer a wide selection of baby and toddler items, which ship faster than Oberlo's products. Shipping with Spocket comes in variants of 1-3 days, 3-5 days, and 4-7 days.




If this piqued your interest and you want to personally explore these features of Spocket and more, you can head on over to the app's official website!


Hi @goodhead 


If you are selling only to the UK, you can prefer local UK suppliers. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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