US sales management for companies

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US sales management for companies

MYTRECO offers you the possibility to sell your original high-quality products. This can be done on our eBay, Amazon, Facebook store and Shopify. You can also use our promotional networks within social networks or our newsletter. Otherwise, you have to find a company that will accept to make the shipment from Florida.

Contact us to share the products you want to sell. We will explore with you the best ways to distribute them.

US purchasing management for companies

Many companies turn to US companies, including those in Florida, when they want to buy specific products. However, they sometimes encounter difficulties if they are based outside the United States, because some firms do not export their products outside the US. 

That’s why, at MYTRECO we offer you search, purchase and shipping services for products you want. Our goal is simple: to facilitate your purchases in the United States by tracking down the best price. 

Contact us to share your orders. We will explore with you the best ways to receive your products and make sure you get them at the best price.