USA Based Drop-Shipping Warehouse

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Hello all,


I started my online store in May "" to give this kind of business a try. I invested in some Facebook marketing and managed to get 3.5K+ monthly visitors to my site. Made some sales but not enough to Brag about :)


Anyway, what caught my attention is that any product sourced from China, takes 30-80 days to be delivered to our customers in the USA, which makes it a really frustrating experience for our customers. Now in real life, i do realestate developments where i buy old buildings, renovate them, then lease to tenants for monthly income.

I have a 120,000 sqft warehouse in North Carolina, that is 40 minutes drive from Charlotte International Airport, and 3 minutes drive from a one million sqft Target Distribution Center Facility. My tenant lease will end September 30th and before i put it back on the market i'm thinking:


Why not making it a warehouse for small to medium sized dropshippers who cant or dont use big companies like Amazon! Where they take advantage of the Free Shipping from China to the US, and willing to stock their Best-Sellers (Which is not a significant cost looking at the Chinese prices)!

I could offer services like re-labeling the products with the Shop Name, and using a US Shipping address, plus minimizing the shipping time from 80 days, to only 2 or 4 days servicing the US, Canada, Central and South America!


I'm just asking what you think about it, as at the moment i have nothing in-mind for this service fee, and currently open for all suggestions and/or partnerships!


Thank you for brainstorming with me :)


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Hi it is good idea let us know ,where are you at this 


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Hello, you should really do this. I have been looking and still looking for someone who does this. 

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Hi Chad, 

I think you have an excellent idea & solution for people who are needing services within the USA. I myself am planning to open my online shoes/handbags store. I refused to have out of the country dropshippers due to how long it'll take them to deliver. 

I'm checking on a couple of sources for my shoes now, but still searching.

Chad will you keep me updated, if you decide to go forth with your idea? I am going to need someone here with quicker delivery services.