USA based Dropping Suppliers for teens fashion like (brandy melville, pacsun, teen boutiques..)

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Hey there community!

We have a little boutique shop for trendy clothes mostly aimed at teenagers. We used to source from AliExpress in China and soon after the pandemic broke out shipping times were a nightmare. Even so prior to then shipping still sometimes took 2 months+ which was super bad for our company.  We realized we had to make changes fast so we begun to only source from the USA based Ali warehouses. However there isn't a whole lot there and we really are looking for more basic cropped tanks, tops, and shirts. Stores like brandy melville, pacsun, garage, and many other instagram homely boutiques is the quite like the vibe we are going for. We have looked into dropshipping from Shein and Romwe, but I'm pretty sure they will not send the packaging without their logo. We recently took interest in EmmaCloth and it seemed perfect, but I'm not so sure its legit as it does not show up on Google, and the cart does not sync through devices even though there is a login. We are particularly intereseted in and absulotely ADORE their stuff. However they are wholesale and do not support dropshipping. We also came across FashionGo and we haven't had much time to explore that site yet, but we have our hopes up. I have spent WEEKS on end turning every stone on google, wholesale directories, places like Spocket and Modalyst, but none of them seem to snag the exact vibe I am going for. I'm sure there is something like this out there, but we can really really use the help! Thank you so much for anyone who took the time out to read all this and we would really like your help!

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Hi @kaleclothingco 


Please check the below Fashion Dropshipping Suppliers




Ujena Swimwear


Allure Lingerie




CCWholesaleClothing We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Have taken a look at all of those, and we currently source from CCWholesale. However it doesn't quite have the style I am aiming for.

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Hi @kaleclothingco, this is Larry from the team at Spocket!

It sounds like you’re looking for dropshipping suppliers who carry clothing similar to the brands you mentioned. I see you’ve looked through Spocket, but haven’t found a match. However, given the number of suppliers and items we have on the platform, finding the perfect one might be hard. Let me help you out!

One really great supplier that has a high rating is Sky Blue Chloe. You should check them out on Spocket!

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 10.00.36 AM.png

Spocket also offers a free trial, so you can try it out to look for this supplier and more, completely risk-free by heading to the link here.

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Hi @kaleclothingco 

You can try Buy2Bee. Buy2Bee is a US dropship supplier. They are supplying clothing and accessories for both men and women. Take note that using this online drop-ship supplier is an advantage for online startups and established ventures.

You will have the chance to access this service, then expanding your product catalog without buying stock. When you place orders under the dropship service, it will be directly delivered to your customer.

You can also try other suppliers here.

Buy2Bee dropshipping suppliers in the USA

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im personally sourcing from EMMACLOTHS and im a dropshipper and im aiming for the same style of shein and romwe and few others. just for your info i have been a customer of EMMACLOTH for few months now and its funny but you came to the right spot, EMMACLOTH is the wholsale supplier for SHEIN as shein and Romwe are dropshipping companies too who does private labeling and private branding. if you look carefully on shein website and rowme they have brand that exists on ALIEXPRESS and they just throw their label on top of the products.they tend not to do these kind of mistakes with customers from some specific countries like USA , CANADA, UK , AUSTRALIA, most europ As the customers will know it is not an actual brand with a factory and all that chaine. so they use those secondly labeled products for customers from third world countries sadly. there is occasions where customers of ROMWE were shipped products with SHEIN label. it is very confusing for some customers who dont know how the dropshipping industry works. (its like you get a macdonald burger and u find out its inside Burger kings packaging lol )

to answer your concern and give you few suppliers.

these are two suppliers who i also use from the USA and they r fantastic in terms of price and customere service. 

1st : FASHIONTIY (they have website, and app as well )

2nd : WHOLSALE7 (they have website, and app as well )

3rd : SIMPLEEAPPAREL ( if you decided to go with simplee, they have their own app and you can source all their products from there. most of their products is already dropshipped by SHEIN just so that you know ) the simplee app is called FONDMARTAPP you can look it up, its a website and you sign in and intergate your shopify store from there,its identical to oberlo and easy to use.

i hope that helps you a bit.

best regards.