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Hi, for the past two months I have been doing a lot of research on USA suppliers I could potentially dropshipp with for my website. I’m looking to sell women sandals and heels. I haven’t found anything here within the USA and everything has so far has been from China, I don’t want to dropshipp from China due to wait time and how much it cost too, I have had the chance to talk to direct manufactures as well but the cost was way too high for shipping for a pair of sandals. 


I did checkout spocket and modalyst and neither had the products I was looking for. I’m looking to cater to women in the ages between 16-28ish. Looking for clothes that are similar to fashion nova or even shesawitfirst. I have attached some photos of the sandals I have been looking for and what I have in mind to give you guys an idea. F6354FC8-559A-4596-A147-76A1EE20E2AB.jpeg62F87F99-7FA8-48C7-831B-3DD7AC896033.jpeg7CB105C3-593A-47B7-AC58-ABEB6CB748C9.jpeg1035363A-316C-403C-8230-68E3D6CBB611.jpegA30518B6-47ED-4B43-AA5B-77D3FA2B309B.jpegAA42B030-B5B7-4745-A33F-2547F1C17564.jpeg6EA3B08B-9E98-48BB-AAB1-557D859D7498.jpeg1C92D5A3-A95C-4CBA-8F8E-5CC1109F0537.jpeg454BAA1E-25A2-4246-8314-0E6BAA4AC8C4.jpeg


Hello @Ssupr 

Please check the below Shoe suppliers from USA

Cheng’s Enterprise, Inc

Star Bay Unique Footwear

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