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Do you want an easy entry into the fitness market?

Sandbag Fitness has been a leading fitness equipment and education provider for nearly 5 years, leading the way in promoting sandbag training for health and fitness. We already have a small number of companies who stock or sell our products and we're now opening up operations to a larger number. If you are involved in the health and fitness or sports sectors then this is a good oportunity to access a growing area.

In general, sandbag training is popular with gyms, bootcamps, sports teams, MMA and other combat sports athletes and personal trainers.

Our book titles (4 in total) have been sold in over 70 countries around the world and sales have topped 40,000 copies in the past 5 years. Our products have also been featured in numerous online and print publications and achieved awards for excellence.

For more info please visit www.sandbagfitnessstore.com

In the first instance please email matt@sandbagfitnessstore.com with some more details about your business, links to your website and a friendly hello.


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