Unique Apparel Brand- Investor/Partner Needed! Over 100k Followers.

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I founded See3 Clothing, viewable at @bysee3 and www.bysee3.com 

After doing exceptionally well for the first year and a half, (doing almost 100K in sales in the first 90 days)

I hit a fulfillment dilemma, manufacturers were producing errored clothes, and taking months longer then they were supposed to. This led to a hault in marketing product I couldnt get yet, then not even being able to sell the total amount I had ordered. Etc. Etc. 

I am looking to either sell the brand, site, socials, etc to someone. Whom I would assist in growing the sales to a predetermined point. And may continue managing the products and marketing, while they just fund and assist with some business aspects that frees up my creativity. Or take on an investor that would do about the same, but I wouldnt require a cash-out for myself, more just a fund for the business efforts.


The brand is very well known. Has a solid audience. And our products are just different and not found anywhere else.


Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns. I am actively looking for an investor or purchaser, and would like this to be arranged this month, October 2016. 


Please email:  hallows@bysee3.com  I will gladly prepare a call if you provide a free time and your phone number. 



P.S. I own multiple e-commerce stores. This one has so much potential and an amazing audience, traffic, and conversions. Due to the dilemmas and others stated, I am in need of assistance with this project. Thank you.

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Hi, feel free to email me at Mathew_Nielsen@hotmail.com