User created draft orders for wholesale customers

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Is there any way in Shopify for end users to create draft orders that can then be passed on to their purchasing manager for approval and purchasing?

Our ideal process looks like this:

  1. End user (e.g.
    1. logs in to to make wholesale prices visible
    2. finds product on website
    3. adds products to cart
    4. can see order total and shipping amount
    5. clicks a button to create a draft order and send it to their purchasing manager
  2. System sends order confirmation email to end user ( AND purchasing manager (e.g.
  3. Purchasing manager (e.g.
    1. receives email from Shopify with notification of draft order
    2. clicks link in email and logs in to cart to view draft order
    3. clicks button to open draft order in cart (must be the cart page not checkout page so they can enter comments)
    4. Enters PO number or other notes/instructions in comments field and then clicks Checkout button
    5. selects "Invoice" payment method and clicks Complete Order

System sends order confirmation email to purchasing manager AND end user (

Happy to consider any option, especially a paid app/extension.


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Hello @Anyware_Web_Mar 

Did you check the Purchase Management Shopify app? We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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