Vendors submit their products automatically?

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Hi All...

I'm a website developer proposing a new client project. My client wants to build a "syndicated directory" (not a typical store) to list a number of vendor products, not for sale by him, but with descriptions (perhaps images) and a link to the vendor's sales page. Think of it as a "product syndication" directory.

He wants to automatically charge a single fixed fee per each product listed. There are no other charges or fees. For example, he is not doing affiliate sales.

An important requirement is that vendors can submit their own products and he would only need to review and approve them in order for them to appear to the public. In other words, new product submissions would be as automated and simple as possible for my client - with the bulk of the work done by the vendors.

Does that make sense?

Anyone done this before?

Thanks ALL!...

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I have definitely been asked to do just this about fifty times now. I refuse every time. There is no way I want to write the code to add new products to a shop via third party WWW code. The API calls are laborious to setup and commit, wrapping a UX around that is even more laborious. It's a no-brainer to use Shopify to leverage product building. Especially with the ability to import/export from shops, it means using a dev shop as a sandbox for vendors is possible. 

Take the path of least resistance. Otherwise, get yourself some $5/hr help that has a couple of hundred hours on their hands and go crazy. 


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