Very Basic Dropshipping quesiton

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I am new to all this and setting up my first store.

I have a store with with about 40 to 80 products, some I ship and others will be shipped by the manufacturer. I have about 3 manufacturers that will dropship currently.  Initially I am not expecting a high volume of orders.

What is the easiest way to set up my shopify account so that a few items will be dropshipped?

I am thinking it is to go to Settings > Shipping > Fulfillment / Dropshipping and create a custom fulfilment account for each of the 3 companies that will drop ship. An example would be "Company A" /  where is the email address all orders should be sent.  I will then go to each product variant that is to be fulfilled by Company A and set them as the fulfillment option

My account is not active so I can not test this functionality.  

1. With this setup, if a customer places an order that will be fulfilled by company a, does company a receive an email with all the appropriate details for the order?

2. What is included included in the email that is sent to Company A?

3. What happens if an order contains items to be fulfilled by me as well as Company A?

4. How can I work to ensure the packing slip / included documents have my logo and the purchase / invoice information?

5. Is this the easiest / least expensive way to set up dropshipping?  

Thanks! -- Steven


Shopify Expert
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Did you ever get answers to your questions?  I'm about to switch to Shopify and I've tested some of your scenarios.  Here is what I've found so far:

1. Yes, but only after you have clicked Fulfill Items for the order.  I found this odd because when you click Fulfill Items, it also sends an email to the customer at that time.  What I think should happen is that upon a customer ordering the product, the email should be sent to the dropshipper.  Then, once they fulfill it, you click Fulfill Items and then the email goes to the customer.  I'm not sure what I'll do about this.

2. In Settings > Notifications - you can edit the email to state whatever you need it to that goes to Company A.

3. I haven't tested this one yet, but I think it will send each order of each item to the appropriate company.

4. You can use html when you edit that email that goes to Company A and there you could specify a url path to a logo, I would think but have not tested that.

5. Seems to be.  There may be an app that could so something better.