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Hi Guys


I am completely new to drop shipping SO HELLO :) 


I have seen to areas I want to focus on that require two different stors. That is set up and running not a problem 


I wanted to start use VidaXL with my one of my Shopify stores. I am struggling to find out how I can intergrate VidaXL into the store like you can with Oberlo when importing products from Aliexpress. 


I have noticed with VidaXl stock changes / prices change drastically. I don't know if anyone else has also noticed that quite often the drop shipper price is more expensive than what they charge to their normal customers. 


Also I know you're all most probably running your own stores so competitors would not want to give out details BUT if anyone knows of good suppliers of Sporting Equipment (Weight lifting and Fitness) and Home & Garden suppliers that would be amazing. 


Hi @JacobStaff70 


Please check the below two companies


Dropshipping Garden




Fgmarket We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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