WANTED: High Heel Drop-Shipper in the US

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What I have is a website that converts visitors into sales. 

What I need is a great supplier, because my current ones from China are no good.

Currently, I can not fully drive traffic to my site and go to it's full potential, because of this problem. I could imagine working with a US drop shipper or a shoe store that has capabilities to send out shoes. They must be willing to work with a new website (just went through market validation stage). 

Where can I find such a supplier?

Here is what my perfect supplier looks like (but even if they only fulfil some requirements, I am willing to consider!)  

  1. Has exactly the type of shoes we sell at www.heelsrepublic.com
  2. Has a huge, organised warehouse or alternatively is a store with a great choice of shoes
  3. Is able to ship shoes with an existing infrastructure (either a standing drop-shipping operation or sends out shoes on a daily basis already)
  4. Has prices in relationship to quality so that I can make a margin of $20 - $40 per shoe (has shoes that retail between $60 - $200)
  5. Already has product pictures suitable for a clean website (white background)
  6. Updates his sold out products regularly, best with an XML file
  7. Accepts PayPal
  8. Has people that understand entrepreneurship or are entrepreneurs themselves & are easy to communicate with
  9. If you have any ideas how I can find a supplier like that, please let me know! I would really appreciate that!




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After looking at your website... you're quite over-priced.  I see these same exact heels and boots being sold online for at least half the price.  That may also be why you're having trouble with getting people to your site and actually producing sales from it. Best of luck!

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Hi there!

check out this website www.youritalianshopping.com. Your ITALIAN Shopping is a sourcing company that can assist you with purchasing any item from Italian manufacturers. We can also put you in contact with a great store who has over 20000 pair of shoes.

Look forward to hear from you!