Want to Sell T-Shirts Anyone? (Wholesale Accounts Being Accepted NOW)

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Hi fellow Shopify users!

IF you have a Shopify website, we've got an offer you can't refuse (ie. If you read this, you'll get that pink Cadillac for Christmas!). Solid Gold Bomb (SGB) www.solidgoldbomb.com is a Massachusetts, USA based Wholesale T-Shirt Company that sells t-shirts in more than 78+ Countries Worldwide and happens to use this little shopping cart called Shopify (Yep, for our wholesale site).

But, this is where it gets interesting:

  1. Hold No Stock - We can Consolidate your wholesale orders Directly to You or Your Customer(s)
  2. Shopify Product Imports - Lazy? We here ya! We'll give you a SHOPIFY IMPORT for your shopify store - you'll probably need a lot of SKUs available as we have a lot of t-shirts!
  3. 100% Fill Rate - IF it's in the export, we have it in stock! If we don't, we'll print it immediately! 
  5. Made in the USA - We still use American Apparel t-shirts
  6. New Designs Weekly - We're gonna start releasing from our arsenal of 22 million t-shirt SKUs that we've built up over the years ... PLUS new designs every single week
  7. Wholesale Discounts - Seriously deep and generous!


If you still think it's too difficult to sell our t-shirts, I can't really help because we've tried to make it sooooo simple! People like our tees and we've sold over a million of them in the last couple of years the world over. We have large customer bases in the USA; United Kingdom and Germany (as well as Australia!) and our individual t-shirt orders come in under VAT/GST import limitations so you will be winning.

You can sell our stuff on your own site, Amazon, eBay, Play.com or any other third-party marketplace that you wish, BUT there's only catch, YOU GOTTA HAVE a WEB SITE (or web presence - ie. blog, forum, etc.) and be legitimately involved in e-commerce and have a desire to GROW.

We'll support you with Shopify AND Data Feeds, image libraries, New Products.... whatever you need. Our current wholesale customers average $125/day in wholesale ordering and Monday orders are 2-3 times that AVERAGE. That's money for nothin'.

... and yes, this IS Our Build-a-Business entry! With your help, we're ALL gonna absolutely kill it! If you are in the US, UK, DE, CA or AU, we ship to you and your compadres every day! Super fast and always reliable.

To Get Started - e-mail: wholesale@solidgoldbomb.com and tell us:

  1. Company and Personal Name
  2. Business Address (Physical and WEB URL)
  3. Telephone and E-Mail Address

Once approved, we'll send you a link to our Shopify Feeds and that's all she wrote!


- Mike / Solid Gold Bomb (SGB)


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hello there!

I also know website that sells t-shirts but their difference from solidgoldbomb is that the shirts are offered for customization, you can have them personalized with your chosen design. take a look at http://www.southernad.com/Custom-Polo-Shirts-s/1824.htm