Want to create a shirt-Maker designer in my current shop and then pursue producing Celebration Kits with Hemp plastic

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I really want to get paid from my first shop -I sell t-shirts, bottoms, mugs, totes, phone cases and my art on canvas and prints. And all the art I use to design I also sell to potential businesses as digital files.

1) My aim with the shop is to develop a line where my future shoppers can use my art and fonts to create their own celebration shirts. I just got this idea in my head and need another week to think it through and start asking where to get help and add the tool into the shop theme.

2) HEMP. Hemp is a wonderful seed with so much potential in environmental progress. It's one of the latest innovation in plastics. Did you know there are hemp manufacturers globally that can make plastics for water?Look at these images:  the hemp plastic goes back to the earth after it is used. How brilliant! Not costly like recycling plastics.  Even if the plastics have other debris on it, the recycling sites would have a less expensive tasks to do. 



There are lots of water bottles. But no celebration kits yet. That's my idea!!! I haven't heard or seen any sellers with my idea. I need the money, manufacturers and the business partners to even get started. I rely on my shop sales to make me millions so that I can keep up my ideas and live with a few lines of business. I already pitched my idea to a business coach who thinks I have an excellent idea to make happen. You might not think of it right away but Celebration kits are thrown into the bin and recycling after use, just like water bottles -- and probably more often. People are more likely to reuse their water bottles but not a party plate. Funny, right? 

Share your thoughts, comments and send me leads if you have any. I'm in London, UK. Been here for six years.