Warehouse, Packaging, Shipment Solution in China for Dropshipping?

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Hi, I am looking for a trusted warehouse/logistics service that offers a full solution: storage, packaging and shipping to clients for my dropshipping business. What I found and sounds interesting is a service called Crosspanda[dot]com, BUT on close analysis I suspect they are scammers and feel reluctant to do business with them.


Can anyone recommend a good alternative solution to Crosspanda, a good warehouse/logistics service, a full solution: storage, packaging and shipping to clients. The source products are from China, so the warehouse/logistics solution would make sense in China.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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hi there 


i am a aliexpress store owner and expert in product sourcing and dropshipping


we have a warehouse in china and we could do product sourcing packaging and sufficent shipment in one stop


you can reach me at yanwenting99@gmail.com or whatsapp +8618770080310

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Im China agent for dropshipper.
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