We Manufacture Customized Phone Cases

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Hey guys,


We own machines to produce top quality customized phone cases and are mainly focusing on the B2B market in Canada. However we recently opened an e-commerce store, but are currently getting very low traffic. Since B2C is not our primary business, we are looking at different options:

1. Someone who would like to partner with us as a marketing expert to for our e-commerce. The task would be to help us build our social media presence, get more traffic and sales. This would be a 50% profit sharing deal (roughly 10-12$ / sales).

2. Since we are not producing at full capacity, we are looking to do drop shipping for people who would like to start selling phone cases on their store. You can create your own design! We would have to work out the details since we are new to drop shipping as well, but are very well setup for production. North American preferred since a high shipping cost will eat our profit.

You can checkout our work at www.kasemedesign.com or our ecommercewww.kaseme.ca