We can dropship name brands!! Uwheels hoverboards, $150 to 300 profit for each sold

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Hi everyone! We have Uwheels self balancing scooters (some call them hoverboards!) direct from the manufacturer. No minimum orders..You can earn $150 up to $300 profit on each scooter that you sell. If you are looking for brand name products for your store, or to "flip" some merchandise for extra money this christmas, then check us out at www.probuiltdirect.com. We can anonymously fulfill and dropship orders for you. We can even help you find products for your store!  All you have to do is sell it, go back to our site and add to cart, send to yourself or to your customer, and keep the profit.Your customers never know their orders came from us. 

We offer free shipping (delivered in 5 to10 days, 40 days for custom nikes), a easy 5 step return process, and  tens of millions of dollars in brand new, brand name, inventory. No replicas or foreign fakes. All of our services are 100% free to members!! No scams, no catches, no commitments, no fees..we earn money together, everytime you make a sale, so no need to charge you for anything! If you dont see something to sell in our store, request it!! 

All of our products are straight from the manufacturer, our amazon fulfillment center, and a few sellers, & tier A & B distributors, so when you do business with us you get top quality customer service &  inventory. ProBuilt Direct is less than a few months old, but we're already top 17% on shopify. If you want to do business, Just go to www.probuiltdirect.com, create an account, and start selling! Its really that simple.


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This fad is on its way out.