What address should I use in the "Locations" section in the settings ? DROPSHIPPING

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I want to start a dropshipping business and I'm really struggling to figure out what address should I be putting in the location setting, should I put my supplier's address or should I put my own even though I don't hold any inventory at my location.

I'm also not using any apps for dropshipping such as Oberlo as I want to send the orders' spreadsheet to the supplier every few days. 

In other words, my whole problem is based on the fact that I don't know whose location I should put in that category and also is it going to make a difference if, for example, it's China rather than the UK?




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Hi @Mihnea 

Do not change your store address.  Just change the shipping location. 

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Shipping and delivery .

  2. In the Shipping from section, click Manage Rates.

  3. In General profile, click Change shipping origin.

  4. Select a location, and then click Save.

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