What do I need in order to allow people to drop-ship my product?

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So I have recently started a company that makes reusable gloves. My customers have asked me about drop-shipping, and though I see many things on Shopify about becoming one, I have yet to have found any information regarding having your own product dropshipped by wholesalers and the process that is needed to get there.

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Hey @SiliBishop,


Congratulations on the success of your business!


So, I understand that you're having trouble finding information regarding having your own product dropshipped by wholesalers and the process that is needed to get there.


For most folks, the fastest way to get started is a manual process:


  1. Have the drop-shipper sign and return your wholesale/dropship policy.
  2. Get the drop-shipper's credit card on file (using a credit card authorization form). Bill it for the wholesale price of the goods, including any shipping or processing fees.
  3. Have the drop-shipper place orders with you using email. Process orders by creating draft orders in Shopify.
  4. Assuming the item is in stock and you are able to successfully charge the drop-shipper's card, box up the order and ship it directly to the customer.
  5. Make sure the drop-shipper's name and address appears on the return address label and packing slip (may require you to customize your order printer templates).
  6. Once the shipment has been finalized, email an invoice and a tracking number to the drop-shipper.
  7. Once the tracking number is received, the drop-shipper will send the tracking information to the customer, likely using an email interface that's built in to their online store.
  8. With the order shipped, the payment collected and the customer notified, the order and fulfillment process is complete.


Once you're getting many dropship orders, you can look into hiring a Shopify Expert to help automate this process.

Let me know if this answers your question or if you need further assistance!

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Thank you for that. It has been a daunting task trying to figure this all out, but I think you are right. Any other option that I have seen is costly, and I am definitely not at that point, nor would I want to spend that extra money until it is necessary to do so. I am going to draw up a description based on the information you have given me.  Really, I appreciate you taking the time out, it feels better than me just deciding on my own!

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