What is the REAL ( !!! ) Monthly cost of Drop shipping with AliExpress ??

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Hi Guys !!

I’m new in the “Shopify way” of selling things…but already have some experience with an Online Boutique with Wix

My question is : How much does it REALLY cost ( Monthly).. to start dropshipping with Shopify and AliExpress..( I’m in Canada….)

Does anyone keep tab…or have an expense sheet that I could see ?

PS: Don’t want to know about your specific Niche ..nor your Profits…( To each is own..!! )  ;-)

Just the Operational Cost of that type of Business..so I can expect HOW MUCH to Budget for it .

What I understand so far ( Cost wise …)

  • 80$ / month for Shopify
  • 15-25$ / month for Expressfy
  • 10$ /Month for Domain name..

So roughly 120$ / Month….???

…or am I missing something ???

Being somewhat good in advertising and photo montage ( I’m a graphic Designer ) the advertising cost and images will be mainly absorb by me doing it..!!

 Also….I know you need some money to make money…so I won’t take the Freebie / Trial road…

I don’t expect making Millions out of it …but as a starter , would be nice if it could pay for the weekend pizza…Lol

Many thanks in advance for your help and suggestion !!

( I’m French speaking…so choose the language you like !!  )

Hope to hear from you soon....!!!!




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Contactez nous sur :


Je suis sur que je pourrais vous aider avec toutes les informations dont vous avez besoin !

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Thank you for your quick reply !!

..but if I took the time to post on a Public Forum..it’s that the answer would be beneficial to EVERYONE…and not to give YOU a chance to post a “ClickBait”

So…if you want to help EVERYONE ..please post your answers in THIS post..and NOT providing a link ....to join your “Club”..  ;-)

Thank you …again, for your comprehension.

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It depends I guess. For me it seems like a lot of effort for very little. I am in Australia. To buy the products off Aliexpress I have to pay in USD. To sell on Shopify I can only sell in AUD. Throw in the transaction costs, hosting etc and , pretty much a waste of time, and money, I reckon.

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Hi there ..

Do you own an Online Store ?

Because from what I see....we have the same ratio... versus Us Dollars...

I know of a site that does ALL the contrary things that the "Gurus" and what not advocates...and have an average of 77.8 k visitors a Month !!!

So i guess you "assumed" it's not worth it......

...but I assume.... you DON'T have an Online store....    ;-)

Thanks for your insights.....!!!